Other Services

Reablement Services

Our reablement service is designed to help you regain the skills and confidence that will allow you to live independently. This is normally aimed at those who have suffered an illness or have recently been in hospital. Our staff will support you to regain your independence so that you can do that washing up, shopping, dressing etc as you used to before.

Other services are as follows:

  • Night Sitting - We provide carer for night cover to support wellbeing of your loved one. They will provide additional security and assurance.
  • Emergency Response – In the case that a need arises whereby you need your loved one checked, we are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and our Oncall Service quickly responds to give you peace and comfort.
  • Domestic Services – Our team can provide staff to do household chores like cooking, cleaning, preparation of meals, shopping, laundry and other errands that you might require. List is not comprehensive please ask upon request.