About Us

About Wellbeing Care Solutions Ltd

Welcome to Wellbeing Care Solutions Ltd a dynamic organisation in the home care industry based in Walsall, West Midlands.

We are registered and regulated by the CQC. Our team are ready to listen, to learn and bring a change to all our clientele. Always passionate about the work we provide, we ensure respect, dignity and independence to all our clients. We strive to do our best and meet the highest standards in quality of care and customer satisfaction.

  • Safe - Our team are trained to ensure that all our clients are kept safe from any avoidable harm or abuse.
  • Effective – We ensure that your care, treatment or support is achieved with good results and that quality of life is enhanced by our practice and care.
  • Caring – We are committed to quality of care that embraces compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.
  • Responsive – We understand that every individual is different, so we ensure that we design a person - tailored package that meets your needs. Our team are well trained to help us deliver the highest standard of care particularly suitable for you.
  • Well-Led – We work together as a team and all our activities are well structured and coordinated at all levels. Good governance, accountability and leadership instil quality in every part of our business activities. We are happy to hear from you, to learn continuously and improve and strive to offer only the best quality service.

Our Mission

Wellbeing Care Solutions Ltd provides domiciliary care with a difference in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Our clients receive care in the comfort of their own homes whereby we promote independence, and freedom of choice which are all punctuated in a compassionate environment accompanied by dignity and respect. Our quality services are made possible by our robust, well trained team that strives to achieve optimum customer satisfaction. We embrace love, trust, empathy and the spirit to care and bring a change in our clients’ lives. There are no gaps created in the care that we provide because we work in partnerships with GPs, Occupational Therapists, District Nurses, Social Workers and all related professionals, that help to compliment all that we do. We network , synergise and harness resources to create a holistic experience to our clients. We ensure continuity in the services we provide by having dynamic systems in place and a team that is dedicated and readily available.

Wellbeing Care Solutions Ltd ensures that all our activities are safe both to clients, staff and stakeholders. Continuously learning and improving every aspect of our business, we can always guarantee you a quality service.

Our Aims

Wellbeing Care Solutions Ltd aim to:

  • Give our clients the best possible care by understanding and exceeding their expectations.
  • Deliver care to all our clients with compassion, dignity and respect irrespective of their backgrounds or orientation.
  • Encourage all our team members to participate in achieving our aims and objectives.
  • Learn continuously and innovate.
  • Provide clients a friendly quality service in the warm heart of their home.
  • Promote optimal health, well-being and quality living.
  • Ensure a smooth service through effective and timely administrative processes.

Our Objectives

Wellbeing Care Solutions Ltd adopts the following objectives to achieve our aims.

  • To train, support and encourage staff development to enable us to exceed clients’ expectations.
  • To maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • To respond timeously to the needs of our clients, staff and stakeholders.
  • To encourage innovation, enterprise and strategic development.
  • To differentiate, maximise quality and offer a unique service.
  • To have a synergistic approach in all processes.
  • To partnership and network with other professionals in health and social care.