Funding Advice

1. Private Care

There are different types of care funding .Some funding is ability tested whereas others are not.

2. Local Authority Funding
  • You may be entitled to social care funding support. 
  • For more details contact your local authority whom will advise you further.
  • If you have been assessed by your council as requiring support, you will be allocated a Personal Budget. 
  • Often, the Local Authority only provides funding to cover the essentials. You may wish to top up your plan and pay for some extras yourself. It is possible to do this and many of our service users do.
  • There are also benefits available which are not means tested.

3. Disability and Sickness

If you have a disability or health condition you may be entitled to receive a Personal Independence Payment which helps with extra costs associated with long-term illness or a disability if you're aged 16 to 64.

4. Financial assistance

You may be eligible to receive Attendance Allowance (AA) if you're disabled and over 65. Attendance Allowance is for providing extra help with personal care needs.

5. Further assistance is a website providing information on all aspects of care funding including local authority assessments, care entitlements, costs of care and arranging care for someone else.

Visitors have instant access to professional, specialist care fees advice through their live chat service.

6. Personal Budget

A Personal Budget is granted to those assessed as having care needs. Personal budgets have been available in England since 2008. Depending on your circumstances, or choice, you may receive your Personal Budget either as Direct Payments, or as an Individual Service Fund.

7. Individual Budget

Similar to a personal budget, except made up of other sources which is granted to those with disabilities staying at home (rather than in residential care).

8. Direct Payments

Direct Payments allow individuals to purchase their own care and support via a personal budget. More information about Direct Payments is available on the NHS Choices Website.

Direct Payments enable you to choose how and when your money is spent on services or equipment that meets your needs for care.

9. Individual Service Funds

These are for those who can't, or do not wish to manage the Personal Budget allocated. A service provider such as Wellbeing Care Solutions Ltd can be chosen to do this for you. Your chosen service provider will then hold your personal budget on your behalf, and you are still in control of how this is spent.

Your Personal Support Plan will be developed to depend on the outcomes that you want to achieve and the way in which your chosen service provider will support you to achieve those